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Indonesia is a vibrant country full of economic potential – but it is equally full of challenges that can quickly sink the best business plans. Temptations and fraud might be happened to people around us such as trusted business partner, spouse or our family members. RIPD provides the discreet assistance for the most challenging problems. Our network extends across Indonesia. We have in our hands the state of the art and tools expertise to help us in finishing our job to fulfill your needs. Our Tools and Expertise – Hidden cameras – Surveillance tools – Telecameras – Gadget tracker – And many more. Why come to RIPD? We work as per our motto ; Total discretion, reliable and satisfaction guarantee, with dedication and experienced manpower. All queries and quotes are free and entail no obligation. Contact us to find out how we can help you, how long you can expect results, and what costs will be involved. We welcome any and all inquiries, no matter how large or small. Here’s an Indonesia Detective. Click here to contact us day or night, or call us at 0822-8007-7799 & 0818-0207-8080 or PIN-BB 56793741.